Preparing For Google’s Over SEO Algorithm

Just about a month ago, Google’s head of web spam, Matt Cutts announced Google is going to release a new algorithm to target overly SEO’ed sites to “level the playing field” for the rest of the web.

Now that there are strong indications, all speculative and rumored, but strong nevertheless, that Google is rolling out the algorithm update or at least testing it, how can you prepare for it? The number of complaints in the forums was scary to say the least, almost at Panda levels. So there is no doubt that when this does officially launch, SEOs and webmasters will be seriously impacted – at least many will.

Webmasters and SEOs are trying to document in SEO style a checklist of items that Google might consider to be “over SEO.” A WebmasterWorld thread has some considerations and John Britsios spent the time going through some of the threads we linked to yesterday and complied a list in the comments area of our post.

John outlined these items:

  • High keyword densities
  • Anchor texts that are too similar
  • Less or near duplicated content
  • Inorganic and/or unnatural /paid inbound links

The WebmasterWorld thread is just getting started but some great ideas are being shared now. They include:

  • Keyword/phrase over usage
  • Too many redirects
  • Same/similar anchor in back links
  • Same Niche same server
  • Doorway/thin affiliate
  • Link schemes/cheap backlink packages

So join the discussion, let’s try to provide helpful tips to webmasters and SEOs who may be impacted by this when it is officially rolled out. Try to be proactive versus reactive here.

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