Bing Ads Updates Quality Policy, Will Remove Non Performing Ads

Bing announced new updates to their Relevance and Quality policy yesterday. This is to drive better metrics across the system and “delivering improved ad and network quality,” they said.

The changes:

  • Bing Ads may decide to remove keywords and/or ads from our platform that have not shown any performance over a significant period of time.
  • Bing Ads may also choose to limit the amount of keywords uploaded or retained at a time.
  • Those subject to this policy may see additional restrictions within sensitive categories such as: weapons, pharmaceuticals, gambling, adult, and trademark categories.

“Bing Ads customers should not see any significant impact to their campaigns that have recent performance, since Bing Ads will be removing non-performing keywords and/or ads from the platform,” Bing said. If you will be impacted, Bing promised to notify those customers.